Sarah Mc Dermott Psychotherapy

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Individual Counselling

One to One counselling for adults

Couples Counselling

Counselling for couples or family members

Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides a professional and confidential counselling service to your employees. The EAP scheme aims to promote the wellbeing of employees by providing counselling support during times of difficulty with work related and/or personal issues. The EAP counselling programme is based on a Short Term Solution Focused approach which enables employees to access the coping and managing skills required to identify and resolve their concerns. These concerns include Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Relationship Difficulties, Financial Difficulties, Bereavement, Anger Management, Bullying, Harassment and other associated issues. 

If you would like to enquire about providing EAP services within your organisation, please fill out the [message me] form with a brief outline of your requirements.

Mental Health Workshops:

For further information on promoting wellbeing and mental health within your organisation, please fill out the form above.  Workshops can be tailored to meet an organisations requirements.

Examples of topics are:

  • Mental Health and Self-Care
  • Stress Management and Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Awareness – End the Stigma
  • Respect & Dignity in the Workplace